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anonymous request: Richie/Kate or Seth/Kate?

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Taking Merrill with you when you have Fenris and Anders on your team


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i am so ready to go home.

i am so ready to go home.


Directors Martin Scorsese and James Cameron have different ideas about the use of CGI in film:

"My big concern is that the image, ultimately, with CGI, I don’t know if our younger generation is believing anything anymore on screen. It’s not real." - Martin Scorsese

"When was it ever real? There was kind of a wall there and nothing over there. There are 30 people standing around. There’s a guy with a boom mic, there’s another guy up on a ladder with his ass crack hanging out. There’s fake rain. Your ‘street, night exterior New York’ was a ‘day, interior Burbank’. What was ever real?" - James Cameron

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this is the funniest post i have ever seen and now i need to start watching this show

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How I feel every time I have to leave my dog at home by Patrick Barnes

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myth is the minotaur.

bring me to the blind man who lost you in his house of blue. hello there! my name is becky. i'm 21 & i currently reside in pittsburgh, pa. i enjoy crying over television shows and fictional characters. i have a tendency to obsess over everything and i am a huge creep. (◡‿◡✿)

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